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WordPress is an extremely powerful and widely adopted content management system for small and large businesses across the world wide web. WordPress holds 60% of the market share and continues to show a steady growth of adoption. We’ve built ElevAmp on WordPress and recommend it to friends, family and clients.

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stats on wordpress adoption over time



A study conducted in March of 2017 found that 29% of small businesses don’t have a website at all. These days, that’s equivalent to not having a phone number that someone can call your small business. That same study found that small businesses earning less than $1 million dollars of revenue a year are 30% less likely to have a website compared to higher-revenue companies.

Websites are never done. Just like your car, your small business’s website needs gas, regular oil changes, maintenance and can even benefit from upgrades from time to time.

If you’ve recently hired a WordPress developer to build your small business a nice new, mobile responsive website and you aren’t updating the core WordPress version or plugins on a regular basis, your site is very much at risk of breaking down or getting stolen. It’s the equivalent of driving a new car for 80 thousand miles and never replacing the tires. Those bad boys are going to blow and it’s not going to be good when it happens.

Why Small Businesses Benefit From WordPress Websites

If WordPress websites need to be constantly loved and cared for, then why does it make such a great CMS for small businesses? I’m glad you asked…

  1. Every website needs constant love and care, regardless of the CMS.
  2. WordPress is easy to use and operate. If you’ve got the time, curiosity and some level of tech-savviness, you can maintain your own WordPress website.
  3. WordPress is flexible. With such popularity, there is not shortage of WordPress developers, designers and agencies who support small business websites that are built on it.
  4. You can own your small business’s website when it’s built on WordPress. With hand-coded websites or sites built with less popular content management systems, you’re stuck relying on the developer to make small updates and changes to your website. See #2.
  5. Access to information. Google anything you are trying to do with a WordPress website and there’s a strong chance you’ll find a tutorial on how to accomplish it.

29% of websites don't have a website

WordPress Website Hosting For Small Businesses

SPEED MATTERS! Google is hyper focused on their users (and in case you didn’t know, Google has a lot of users). They’ve done numerous studies on how impatient people are when it comes to website load times. Google has even written up a nice article on why you should care.

It’s no accident we started talking about speed in the section dedicated to WordPress hosting for small business. Hosting providers have a lot to do with how quickly your small business’s website loads. People still shop for website hosting companies like they do insurance – price first. With this approach, you’re giving up a lot in terms of speed.

Here at ElevAmp, we believe in working harder, not smarter. We recommend moving your WordPress website to a Managed WordPress hosting company. Specifically, WP Engine.

With a managed WordPress hosting company, you get a lot of enhancements to speed. You also get security benefits, core WordPress updates, daily backups and an easy to navigate and use interface.

We buy hosting in bulk and pass those savings to our clients. Contact us to get a quote.

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