Small Business PPC Advertising with Results

We build PPC strategies that get results – Period. If you’re a small business that doesn’t have the time or energy to learn how to build and optimize pay-per-click campaigns, ElevAmp is here to help! We build strategies around the business metrics that matter most to your small business. Whether your SMB is trying to drive more brand awareness, phone calls, product purchases or consultations, ElevAmp has the expertise and knowledge on which levers to pull and where to pull them.

Why Should Your Small Business Run PPC?

It’s no secret that the organic search results (SEO) are getting pushed down further out of sight. Ads and the local map pack are taking up more of the search results page than ever before. Building and maintaining an online competitive edge for your small business requires an intelligently built, profitable PPC strategy that yields a return on your business’s ad spend.

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Affordable PPC Expertise For Your Small Business

We started ElevAmp because we are a small business that cares about other small businesses. We also understand how expensive it can be to hire an internal PPC specialist, especially in the Seattle area.

Our PPC agency is very selective about which clients we do business with because we want to ensure that we can deliver fantastic results while working within your small business’s PPC budget. If you’re already running a successful campaign, we’ll tell you. If it’s more cost effective to throw the entire campaign out and start fresh, we’ll tell you that too.


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