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About ElevAmp

ElevAmp was officially founded by Robert Williams in 2018, however, we’ve been operating under Robert’s name for the last 7 years. In addition to running ElevAmp, Robert is the Vice President of Mockingbird Marketing, a full service marketing agency for lawyers and law firms of all sizes. Prior to Mockingbird, Robert worked as an SEO Specialist at CDK Global (formerly Cobalt), which is a full service digital marketing company in the hyper competitive automotive industry.

Here at ElevAmp, we look to partner with small businesses where we know we can make a positive impact. Our current clients include a piano teacher, vein surgeon, musician, videographer and many others!

Client Testimonials

"Robert has been helping me on my two small businesses for three years. Not only he is a great SEO strategist, but he is a great person. He pays attention to details, communicates very well, kind, trustworthy, & creative. One time, one of my small businesses (local business) was about to fall apart. He saved my business and now it is so busy with a lot of work coming in. I can’t thank him enough. The other company (global) has been growing 250% annually with his help. Also, I’ve been enjoying learning a lot about SEO from him last three years. Now I have an image of SEO as a fun thing, not a “pain in the neck” type image. I also would like to point out that having a trustworthy SEO specialist is very important. If you don’t know anything about SEO, you could be taken advantage of by your SEO specialist. I did experience that before I met Robert. But last three years, I’ve been delighted to have Robert as my SEO specialist. And he’ll continue to be my SEO specialist for a long time. I highly recommend him."

Mizue Murakami Owner of Galaxy Music Notes

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