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About ElevAmp

ElevAmp was officially founded by Robert Williams in 2018, however, we’ve been operating under Robert’s name for the last 7 years. In addition to running ElevAmp, Robert is the Vice President of Mockingbird Marketing, a full service marketing agency for lawyers and law firms of all sizes. Prior to Mockingbird, Robert worked as an SEO Specialist at CDK Global (formerly Cobalt), which is a full service digital marketing company in the hyper competitive automotive industry.

Here at ElevAmp, we look to partner with small businesses where we know we can make a positive impact. Our current clients include a piano teacher, vein surgeon, musician, videographer and many others!

Client Testimonials

"Robert has been helping me on my two small businesses for three years. Not only he is a great SEO strategist, but he is a great person. He pays attention to details, communicates very well, kind, trustworthy, & creative. One time, one of my small businesses (local business) was about to fall apart. He saved my business and now it is so busy with a lot of work coming in. I can’t thank him enough. The other company (global) has been growing 250% annually with his help. Also, I’ve been enjoying learning a lot about SEO from him last three years. Now I have an image of SEO as a fun thing, not a “pain in the neck” type image. I also would like to point out that having a trustworthy SEO specialist is very important. If you don’t know anything about SEO, you could be taken advantage of by your SEO specialist. I did experience that before I met Robert. But last three years, I’ve been delighted to have Robert as my SEO specialist. And he’ll continue to be my SEO specialist for a long time. I highly recommend him."

Mizue Murakami Owner of Galaxy Music Notes

“Robert knows the internet and knows the importance of internet marketing analytics. He made it easy to understand and is true geek in all things SEO. He truly knows the importance of getting content to clients and potential costumers.”

Nicholas Prescott Owner of Kovah Media

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