Email Setup, Support and Management For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’re busy. Not only are you busy, you’re required to know a lot about a lot of different things. Licensing your business, taxes, billing, product development, execution on day-to-day operations, management, hiring, process documentation and revision… the list goes on and in.

Now add technology to the list and your “to-dos” quickly move from your list of action items over to your maybe-some-day list.

Something as simple as setting up and scaling your small businesses email can seem like a straight forward process until you get down to it.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself regarding email management:

  1. Are you/your employees more comfortable with Gmail or Outlook?
  2. Do you leverage Microsoft’s suite of office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) or Google’s software (Google Docs, Google sheets, Google Slides, Note)?
  3. If you interact with clients, what are they most comfortable navigating? (word vs Google Docs, etc.).
  4. Do you plan on using an email client like Outlook or iOS Mail?
  5. Do you or will you ever need an email account that more than one employee has access to? Examples: Billing, admin, info, etc.
  6. What kind of format do you want your emails to follow? Frist Name.Last Name@? First Initial.Last Name@?
  7. How do you handle an email address for an employee that has left your small business?
  8. Who’s in charge of preventing email spoofing (people pretending to send email from your domain name) and other security settings for your small business?

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve been too busy to even think about the answers to any of the above.

That’s where ElevAmp comes in. We have spent time thinking about the answers to the above. We’ve spent even more time testing those answers and refining how we’ve setup and scaled our own email needs.

Let us handle everything from the logistics, to the technical setup and implementation of your small business’s email needs. This will allow you to stay focused on the “to-dos” you can’t afford to outsource.

DNS Management For Small Businesses

DNS? Is that like DNA but for websites? Great question (and yeah, a little bit like DNA for websites). DNS stands for Domain Name System. It’s primary job is to translate hard to remember IP addresses like 111.222.333.44 to easy to remember names like If you have a website and a domain, then you’ve got a DNS to worry about.

DNS also handles information related to your email. In fact, when we setup email for your small business, we edit MX records on your DNS to point to your email provider.

DNS is confusing. It’s also very technical. Small businesses that don’t have the budget for an IT person/agency/company are often left to hours of googling to figure out how to just get things to work, let alone work well. Marketing companies like us also get stuck holding the bag as well and most marketing companies draw a hard line in the sand between marketing and IT.

We’re not like most marketing companies. We’ve spent years learning and understanding the best way to manage DNS and limit the headaches that can come along with it.

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